Recorder Concert: Chrome Attic


People’s Museum of Limerick

Theresa Burton, recorder

Vlad Smishkewych, voice

Yonit Kosovske, harpsichord

Sarah Groser, viola da gamba

(40 mins, followed by Q&A)

Music in early 17th-century Italy was considered the avant-garde of its time, revolutionary and experimental. Composer Giulio Caccini even named his collection of solo songs Le nuove musiche (The New Music).  Ground-breaking compositional trends were part of a seconda prattica (second practice), also called the stile moderno (modern style). Both vocal and instrumental music aimed to dramatize the emotional power of poetry and move the listener by way of bold musical contrasts, symbolic rhetorical gestures, juicy dissonances, wild chromaticism, and flashy virtuosity, also called stylus fantasticus (fantasy or free style).

This programme features the Baroque recorder on a journey through virtuosic sonatas, variations, and a ciaccona. You will hear works by Antonio Bertali, Dario Castello, Giovanni Paolo Cima, Giovanni Battista Fontana, and Tarquino Merula, as well as Barbara Strozzi’s Lagrime mie (Tears of Mine)—her passionate cantata for solo voice and continuo— and a solo harpsichord toccata by Girolamo Frescobaldi.

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